Friday, February 18, 2011

magazines arriving February 2011

I am sorry I havent kept this up to date. I am not sure if anyone is following this blog or not.
If you want to preview any of the magazines it will be better if you go direct to as they have previews on there.

The magazines that are on their way and we should have early next week are as follows -

Somerset Studio Mar/April 2011 our price on this is approx $14

Digital Studio spring
Apprentice spring
and a new magazine
Where Women Cook
the above three are approx $22

The prices are really good now that our Australian dollar is on par with the USA dollar.

If you are interested in any of the above, email me or phone 08 9377 2343 that way I will know someone is looking.

We are having a massive sale Saturday 27th February at the Community Hall, Marks Place, Morley 5pm to 9pm we will not be putting this on the website, Joanne is working now and cannot upload all the products, if there is anything you are interested in and cannot get to the Hall contact me.

have a great weekend

have a good weekend

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dwellingup 2008 Book of Trees

In 2007 I was so very fortunate to participate in an Art Retreat in Cortona Italy, the tutor was Nina Bagley, my all time favourite artists. I bought books and magazines whenever I found one with images of Nina's beautiful journals. I had such a wonderful time but it did cost me a lot of money, over $5000, my dear husband and children helped pay for this retreat. Before I went to Italy, Joanne and I where in the process of organising our first art retreat at Fremantle, Perth. Nina along with Lesley Riley and Michael de Meng where the first tutors we brought out from the USA for this retreat. It was exhausting running the retreat, and my experience that 3 day workshops was that one didn't get to finish projects and it was an overload of learning new techniques that one did not have time to put into practise.
The following year we organised another Art Retreat this time in Melbourne and a 4 day retreat in Dwellingup with Nina as tutor. The retreat at Dwellingup was so relaxing, we all had so much fun and most finished their project, the lovely 'Book of Trees'. It was small and semi informal, only 7 participants and some of the girls worked on their journals until 1 am each night, as the workshop is about 5 metres away from the Lodge it was easy to work extra hours. Nina was scheduled for 9am to 4.30 pm but the workshop was never shut, the fire was going and facilities for unlimited tea and coffee made it pleasurable to squeeze every wakening moment into creating our wonderful journals, real treasures to keep forever along with wonderful memories of good comradeship, stunning surroundings, wonderful meals, what more could one want.Morning sun breaking through the pine trees create a magical moment, taken from the deck at the back of the lodge.Nina demonstrating the technique of having your photo taken without showing your double chin.Cheryl who along with Mandy Herring liked to work in a nice orderly desk space.And this is their lovely set out workspace.However this is Mandy Woodham and my workspace, a big cluttered area that seemed to work fine for us, even stuff spilling onto the floor below. When participating at an Art Retreat, I think it is important to respect each other, we all have different ways of working, some of us, me, like to work in a mess, and know where everything is, others like an orderly manner and that works for them. Its important to come with a good sense of humour, its meant to be enjoyable and usually is, be considerate, make sure you have all items on the list of materials, we took extra for those who forgot something (we all do that). If you are coming with a friend you may want to share some of the heavier or bulkier items. It is easier when the retreat is smaller to get on with each other, voice your concerns to the organiser if you have any concerns, that is what they are there for. Below is the lovely group of girls who participated in 2008.
Denise left a day early and didn't quite complete her journal, but you can see how it is coming together.Robyn not quite finished, she soldiered on with a very sore shoulder. Robyn very generously took Nina around the southwest a few days before the retreat started.Cheryl with her completed journal and very pleased with how it turned out.Karen came over from the Eastern States 7 months pregnant, her beautiful journal finished.Mandy Herring and her gorgeous journal, so willing to share with everyone, she had some seriously beautiful hardware on her journal.And Mandy Woodham, while we all used the twisted twigs, Mandy found and used the lovely shelac like pieces off a blackboy in the bush at Dwellingup. Mandy Herrings impromptu lesson on painting one evening had us all in hysterics when frustration set in.

My journal that I didn't finish at the retreat but completed later, as an organiser it is my responsibility to ensure that everyone is happy, run and fetch etc and this is not a chore. My journal was in memory of my late Father in law.

One of the afternoons after class, we all went bush walking to the Cider factory and orchard, taking photo's as we went. After a walk through the orchard we came back laden with bags of fruit, bottles of cider (after sampling) and some homemade jams and pickles. Walking back in the dusk Nina's was blown away with a chorus of kookaburra's, about 5 or 6 in a gum tree right above us, what a gift! This is what inspired us to organise another such retreat, we have kept prices to an absolute minimum and require a minimum of 10 (nearly there already) and no more that 16 so get in early if you haven't booked in already, you won't regret it.


Thursday, July 15, 2010


Welcome to our very first post for the 2011 Gatherings Art Retreat!!
We are very excited to have the gorgeous Nina Bagley back in Australia to teach an amazing journal for you.
We have set up this blog to share images from past retreats, hints and tips, answer questions and keep you all updated on everything that has happened.
Please feel free to ask questions and we will endeavour to answer quickly!
Jacky and I will both contribute weekly and with any luck, we can have Nina post every now and again!